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Foreclosures are falling, but they still remain a problem in some pockets across the country. Foreclosure activity in November was found to be the highest in the following states, according to RealtyTrac:

  • : 1 in every 392 housing units received a foreclosure filing in November (down 23% from a year ago)
  • Delaware: 1 in every 480 housing units (up 141% from a year ago)
  • Maryland: 1 in every 618 housing units (up 42% from a year ago)
  • : 1 in every 660 housing units
  • Illinois: 1 in every 700 housing units
  • Ohio: 1 in every 757 housing units
  • Connecticut: 1 in every 768 housing units
  • Nevada: 1 in every 859 housing units
  • Iowa: 1 in every 869 housing units
  • Utah: 1 in every 889 housing units

By metro areas, Florida had eight of the top 10 in November. Jacksonville, Fla., posted the nation’s highest foreclosure rate for a metro: 1 in every 288 housing units, which is more than four times the national average. Other Florida metros with high were , . Lucie, and -Melbourne-Titusville.

Source: http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-/2013/12/19/10-states-facing-highest-foreclosure-

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