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Municipality has announced plans to a new rooftop park area, reminiscent of ’s , with a set to be appointed in the new few weeks.

The two phase 19,000 square metre development is the first in a series of urban oasis projects, which will be backed up by several community service facilities, retail and recreational areas and multi-level parking.

The will be housed in the A6 sector between Hamdan Street and Khalifa Street and between Eastern Road and Street 10, in a built-up part of the capital.

The sector is currently home to more than 13,000 residents living in around 2,600 apartments, making the area very congested.

“The innovative design of this new project will enable the Municipality to address the need to provide a wide range of public facilities in a constrained and highly populated location,” said Rashed Bin Ali Al Omaira, an advisor at the general manager’s office at .

“The green space and recreational and retail facilities will enhance the image of the city and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors, while at the same time reducing traffic congestion and boost car parking,” he added.

The development is reminiscent of New York’s mile long High Line Park in the city’s popular Meatpacking District and ’ Promenade Plantée, both of which are former railway stations which were refurbished and their rooftops turned into high parks.

Source:  http://www.arabianbusiness.com/abu-dhabi-unveils-plans-for-rooftop-urban-oasis-507686.html

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