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Foreign investors are increasingly setting their sights on , due to favourable conditions and the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games.

Rising incomes and a greater number of construction opportunities have made an attractive prospect, iExpats reported.

What’s more, according to research from Ernst & Young Terco (), overseas investors are currently enjoying strong returns, double the amount available in the US and China on average.

Foreign property investment in the country now stands at between £1.5 billion and £3 billion and with the economy going from strength to strength, it looks likely that this will increase considerably in the future.

A spokesperson for the Brazilian tourist board told the newsportal: “Brazil is attracting the attention of the world and we have been heavily in our infrastructure to make it more attractive and accessible for people who to enjoy long-haul holidays.”

This will increase the prominence of the country’s holiday let market, with a of 13.5 per cent in the number of flights noted over the last year.


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