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A French architect is hoping to the Middle East’s first skyscraper covered in trees and pot plants in .

Dubbed the ‘’, the concept would create the impression that residents are surrounded by forest – bringing greenery to tens of metres from the ground.

French architect already has constructed a nine-storey residential building using the design in Paris.

It includes plants built into façades and balconies and gardens blended with concrete and glass.

The idea will be presented in the for the first time by Italian company Teracrea at the Outdoor Design Build & Supply Show at the Dubai Centre March 25-27th.

The company also will show plants and plant systems, clay and terracotta pots, vases, trellises, and hydroponics designed to be used in architecture and outdoor design.

Greenery is a growing concept in in the UAE in a bid to add colour to the country’s desert landscape.

Cities such as Dubai already have created multiple man-made water ways and planted millions of imported trees.

Dubai is aiming to cover one-quarter of the emirate – 38,000 hectares – in green space by 2025. In 2010, the government said it wanted to increase the amount of green space per person from 13 square metres to 25sqm.

GCC countries also are considering legislation that would require to include a minimum 25 per cent of green space and outdoor landscaping in all residential and commercial projects.

However, the Flower Tower would be the first skyscraper to have greenery on its facade.

Source:  http://www.arabianbusiness.com/french--planning-dubai-flower-tower–492819.html

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