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A recent investigation by the “Exame” magazine has indicated that the process of and selling for capital does not present a lucrative (and could actually lead to a ) when taking into consideration the aggregated procedural costs and encumbrances.  This has emerged as a notable pattern when off-plan property to “flip” (a strategy undertaken by a number of investors in recent years).

A simulation was undertaken by lawyer Carlos Eduardo Fujita (“Turci Advogados”) – based on the purchase of an off-plan (na planta) property valued at R$ 400,000 and resold for R$ 500,000 in the city of São Paulo – as demonstrated in the info-graphic below:

It should be noted that ongoing costs – such as (the Brazilian local authority tax), condominium fees and paying paid on the used to purchase – have not been included in these calculations (the magnitude of which is determinable by the amount of time the units take to on the open ).


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