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Wrecking crews in Pontiac, Mich., razed the wrong house last week, and they accuse a neighbor of the demolished home of pulling a stunt to cause the mishap.

The man who owned the house that was originally slated for demolition swapped the address numbers on his home with the one next door, the wrecking crews say. The owner of the wrongly demolished home told station that he was intending to rent it out. He said he believes the city owes him a new house.

Many told the media that they were happy the wrong house was torn down. They said the home, with broken windows, had become an eyesore, and squatters had moved in.

The incident follows a recent mishap where two homes in , Texas, were mistakenly demolished within two days of each other after being confused for other homes. Other reports have also surfaced of abandoned homes mistakenly demolished as well.

Police are investigating the Pontiac incident and the neighbor’s involvement. The man who is being accused of swapping the house numbers did have his home demolished later that day.


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