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Volkswagen opened its new engine plant in Changchun late last week, the new plant from Volkswagen Engine (Dalian) is one of seven new plants that Volkswagen plans to open in the near future.

The new factory has machining production lines for four major automobile components including cylinder body, cylinder head, crankshaft and connecting rod and assembly lines of cylinder heads and engines. It has the most advanced production, processing and testing equipment in and stays at an leading level in precision and automation.

The Changchun branch will have the first flexible production line in China for production of different versions of EA888 engines. The EA888 Gen 3 engine is the first engine in China which is able to fulfill Euro VI emission standards. Compared to engines of the previous two generations, the EA888 Gen 3 engine, with comprehensively leading technologies, delivers substantial improvements in weight reduction, performance, emission and fuel economy.

Prof. Dr. underlined: “The launch of production of Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Co., Ltd.’s new Changchun branch marks a striking success and a new height in the joint efforts of and its Chinese partners for advanced powertrains in China. While continuing to maintain their leading position in the China , ’s joint-venture enterprises in China will remain fully to becoming the most eco-friendly automobile enterprises by actively introducing more advanced technologies to China and bringing more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products to the Chinese market. To ensure quality we invested also into state of the art laboratories for material inspection, high standardized test procedures and advanced qualification measures for all employees.”


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